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Book marketing services that give you exposure to a new world of marketing and sales but also help you develop your brand.

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The rights and profits to your ghostwritten books are 100% your entitlement and property.

Exceptional Book Advertising

Why Book Marketing Is The Way In Today’s World

We believe in never saying no! No matter how old your book launch was, if you weren’t very good at establishing your social media in the past, don’t worry! We pick clients from any level and develop ideal book advertising plans to make them the best sellers.

You may reverse engineer and then produce your book marketing plan by first outlining your goals. Setting objectives will help a book marketing plan take shape because every author and book is unique. Someone who views book writing as a hobby will have a completely different marketing strategy than someone who intends to use books and media attention to sell their company.

Whether or not you hire book marketing companies for this task, every work field requires a level of personal branding.

The Way We Work

Our ghostwriters and marketers prioritize your thoughts and opinions; that’s what makes you a unique author. This uniqueness is what we aim to illustrate when we take on the responsibility of your book advertising. We use every marketing platform, from social media to Kindle, in order to make the audience aware of your brand. In addition, you can also just take counseling and advice instead of making a whole plan with us.

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Make your ‘author-self’ vivid to the world!

Through Exceptional book promotion services

Book Advertising is a skill not all types of marketers or book promotion services can master. Therefore, you need to go for agencies like Alpha Book Writers who fulfill their promise. After all, you can’t take risks when you have targets to meet!

Alpha Book Writers marketing team at work
Alpha Book Writers marketing team at work
Alpha Book Writers marketing team at work
Alpha Book Writers marketing team at work
Picture of a woman typing on a laptop with a notepad and a coffee cup on the table
Picture of a woman typing on a laptop with a notepad and a coffee cup on the table

Our Premium

What We Have To Offer Here

Our Premium

Our book marketing services help you pave the way in today’s competitive writer’s industry. As an author, you need to stand out among the authors that write in your genre. Alpha book writers make sure they dive into the specifics of the genre they work in. Next, they make sure all content you post, whether on your website or using social media platforms to promote your books, has consistency. Just as a brand has its own professional look and unique selling points, you (as an author) should have too!


With our premium search engine optimization experts, make your website gain twice the traffic and better book advertisement! Not only that, but our book promotion services keep your core values intact when building or redesigning your author’s website. From researching relevant genre keywords to producing quality content for viewers, Alpha Book Writers are committed.


Social media marketing is the backbone of all marketing book online in the 21st century. The pace with which it grew says a big deal about how eCommerce is heavily reliant on this giant. So worry no more! That’s because we have certified professionals with over 10 years of experience who can develop the right social media strategy for your brand. From taking the right steps at the right time to striking the audience in just a flash, our experts have all the backup plans you can think of!


Do you own a website but don’t know what to do in order to keep it running successfully? Self Publish book marketing often has these types of issues. It is overcoming such hurdles that lead your website to new rankings and increases traffic. We write attractive and engaging promotional blogs for your website to bring more audience.

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Our book marketing strategy planning doesn’t end with identifying goals and defining the steps. We make sure the audience relies on your content and has good reason to do so. Our review writers highlight the right pros of your company to the other buyers!

Press Releases

The lead of a press release is the most crucial section to write. The most critical questions will be answered there, which is where the impatient ones will look. Make sure to cite any outside sources on which your press release is based. In doing so, you will increase your audience’s perception of your credibility.

Make sure the content you link to is authentic and not false information because online book marketing depends on it. All this becomes a headache for our professional writers. We have expert press release writers who know what to do with your requirements right when they see them!

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